MOL Payment Solutions

Collect payments from users with and without credit cards from our global payment solutions for digital goods and services.


MOL Global Paywall API

  • Taps our gamers-renown MOLPoints eWallet and scratch-card as payment channels.
  • Enables Telco prepaid vouchers, online banking, credit cards, mobile SMS billing and other local payment channels optionally with one merchant account.
  • Supports PC and Mobile Web or In-App payments with one-time integration of our API or SDK.
  • Supports integration for one country or multiple countries, with over 14 local currencies.
  • Seamless payment flows and UI, providing easy access for your users to pay for your apps' services or games top-up.
  • Fraud protection and guaranteed payments.

Integrate MOL Global Paywall API

The best way to leverage on 4.7 million MOLPoints PIN users, and on millions of MOLPoints scratch-card PINs already distributed across thousands of MOL distribution network channels in Southeast Asia and globally.

ePIN Distribution

  • Distribute your pin codes on 14 localised MOL Portals, and MOL mobile web app and Facebook App.
  • Allows MOLWallet users to purchase directly PIN codes from MOL Portals and get delivered instantly.
  • Loyalty rewards points for users when purchasing PIN codes.
  • Engage in marketing and promotional activities on MOL properties and local events.

Distribute your ePIN codes via MOL Portals

The fastest way to activate MOL payment - No integration required.


Mobile Operator Billing

  • Taps into the wide coverage of our mobile operator billing subsidiaries - Easy2Pay and PaybyMe.
  • Direct access to each mobile operators' service via our smsc API or SDK.
  • or Simply enable mobile direct top-up and other MOL payment channels via our Global Paywall one-time integration.

Easy2Pay focuses on Southeast Asia.


PaybyMe focuses on Europe and MENA.


Integrate Mobile Operator Billing via Easy2Pay and PaybyMe

The best way to leverage the widest coverage of Mobile Carrier Billing across the globe.